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Were the transformation goals achieved?


What would have happened if the transformation had not been done?


Was the ERP provider changed in the course of the transformation?


What were the biggest challenges of the transformation?


Was the planned downtime adhered to?


What difficulties were encountered during the transformation?


What were the key success factors in the transformation process?


Answers in our transformation study 2023!

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  • What goals did top international decision-makers want to achieve with their IT and SAP transformation projects last year - and which goals did they actually achieve?
  • Over 600 CEOs, CIOs, and IT managers in 9 countries have already completed their transformation projects. Which surprising challenges did they have to overcome and which aspects did they overestimate and especially underestimate?
  • What budget amounts were used worldwide - and how great was the variance in time during the transformations?

These are just a few of the valuable insights presented in the 2023 Transformation Study by NTT DATA Business Solutions and Natuvion. Get exclusive insights into corporate strategic perspectives as well as technical aspects of the digital transformation of companies. In addition, you will receive helpful assessments and advice from renowned SAP experts from SAP, NTT DATA Business Solutions, and Natuvion.

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Key Findings

Key Finding 1:  
Turning point? How political, economic, and societal developments influence decision-making processes before an IT infrastructure transition

Key Finding 2:    
It's not all that urgent? Can it be done with a small budget? How and why companies underestimate the transformation

Key Finding 3:    
All ESG and sustainable - or just not enough yet? What role do ESG reporting obligations play in IT transformation projects?

Key Finding 4:    
Greenfield, brownfield, selective data transition: which transformation methods work best globally

Key Finding 5:  
Off to the cloud: which steps and systems make the most sense and for whom

There are many more valuable insights!

Sara Winther_200x200

The initial ignition and support of the digital transformation remain a management issue. However, IT departments are second to management in being the main initiators. After all, their regular activities have considerable overlaps with digital transformation. The other departments, above all Finance and Controlling, become actively involved in the further decision-making process.

Sara Winther
Director, Digital Business Transformation


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