The Nortura Case: How Norway's Leading Supplier of Meat and Eggs Have Optimized Storage and Warehousing Processes

Date: June 15, 10.00 AM CET – 12.00 CET

Hear how Nortura have optimized storage and warehousing processes to reduce inventory complexity, increase accuracy and improve stock management with SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

About Nortura : Nortura is one of Norway’s biggest food manufacturers with well known brands such as Gilde and Prior. Nortura is working hard to promote food enjoyment, health, sustainability and value-creation across the country every day. Under the NOVA program, Nortura decided to build the landscape to ensure business and technological improvements implementing standard business solutions and selected SAP Extended Warehouse Management as a key component of the future proof strategic platform.

About SAP Extended Warehouse Management: Manage warehouse operations and integrate complex supply chain logistics with your warehouse and distribution processes, delivering the ultimate in visibility and control. Optimize inventory tracking, cross-docking, distribution operations, multichannel fulfilment, and more – all in real time. Enhance stock transparency and control by focusing on inventory management, inbound and outbound processing, goods movement, physical inventory and reporting.



  • Welcome and introduction: The Shift to Modern Organized Warehousing
  • The Nortura case: How one of the Norway’s biggest food manufacturer optimize storage and warehousing processes
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management to digitalize and accelerate your warehouse operations
  • Make SAP Extended Warehouse Management transformation affordable and scale your supply chain with faster-time-to-value offers






Anette Elisson | Process Owner Expedition | Nortura 

Andrea SAP-1

Andrea Ricciarelli | Strategic Customer Advisor Digital Logistics | SAP

Henrik Arve-1

Henrik Arve | Senior Business Development Consultant | NTT DATA Business Solutions


Hans Kourimsky | Presales and Innovation Director | NTT DATA Business Solutions



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