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Whether your business critical SAP landscape is traditional on-prem, in one or more clouds, or even the latest RISE with SAP, you are accountable for ensuring it is secured against rapidly increasing cyber threats. Watch this webinar recording to learn why SAP application security is critical and how you can stay in control and protect your business.
In the recording, our security experts take you through a session covering: 
  • Security in the context of SAP applications
  • An introduction to SecurityBridge*
  • Advice and next steps to secure your SAP




Andy steer
Andy Steer
CTO, NTT DATA Business Solutions UK

I have responsibility for defining and driving the evolution of the business in step with our customers and partners. I spend most of my time listening and learning from 3 sets of people; our customers, our partners and our employees to ensure that we are able to imagine, describe and deliver the innovative solutions that will ensure our customers future success. Before NTT DATA Business Solutions I worked in a variety of Consulting and Management roles in the field of Data Management and Business Intelligence for nearly 20 years and I regularly present at industry events in the UK and beyond.

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Ivan Mans
CTO, SecurityBridge

I started my SAP career about 25 years ago as a developer, migrating organizations from R/2 to R/3. Over all those years I worked as a technical consultant for a variety of industries across the globe. In 2012 I co-founded SecurityBridge, to close a glaring gap in securely running SAP. SecurityBridge has grown to a global leading SAP application security platform. Next to working with a brilliant product development team I’m also a regular speaker at industry events.

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*SecurityBridge is a global partner of NTT DATA Business Solutions and has developed a security solution 100% integrated with SAP so that your ecosystem is safe and monitored in real-time, 24/7, so any hint of attack is responded to by your security team with peace of mind and in time to prevent any damage.